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Opt for a cleaner, greener drive! With our advanced cleaning service, you can reduce your vehicle's emissions.


Keeping your engine properly de-carbonised can improve fuel economy by 4 - 15%, however fixing a faulty oxygen sensor can improve your fuel economy by 40%!

Get your vehicle diagnosed today

Restore mpg, reduce emission and regain performance! Get your vehicle Terracleaned today!

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Get amazing results every time! Through our services, you'll not only save money but leave a positive impact on your vehicle.


Services we offer

Prolong the life of your vehicle's engine, ignition and exhaust system components. You don't have to worry about expensive maintenance costs anymore! Get in touch with Terraclean Whitchurch notice an immediate difference in your vehicles' performance. We offer our services in Whitchurch, Nantwich and Malpas.

A worthwhile investment

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"Just to let you know that after the clean, the car feels a lot more responsive in acceleration in every gear. Also, the car feels very smooth. MPG has gone up from 21mpg to 26mpg for the same trip. I am very pleased with the results." - Jonathan

Increase your vehicle's engine efficiency

Improve your vehicle's overall performance, including drivability with the help our services at

Terraclean Whitchurch.

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"Had my clio 172 phase 1 re-gassed a few weeks ago, brilliant job, had my import WRX Impreza Terracleaned and WOW what a significant difference. Top job Clive, 5 stars. Definately recommend to everyone, well worth the money." - Craig Williams

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